Welcome to the Official Pat Anderson Artist Website

Pat Anderson has painted plein air since a child of ten doing drawings while car traveling with parents from New York to Miami Beach.  As adult Plein Air paintings while sailing tropical waters and providing plein air art for tourists at resorts and gift shops…always keeping “My Own Cruising Journal”.  Her art was the basis for their retail store named “Island wear and Gifts” My Own Cruising Journal, Inc. and art gallery in Lighthouse Point for 20 years until 2008 when husband Pete passed.  Now solo, Pat follows her passion for the beauty of the landscaping of FLORIDA SCENIC HIGHWAY.

Her art parallels the Henry M. Flagler Overseas Railroad from St. Augustine to Key West. She plein air paints freely again.  She finds Art Serve a new beginning and is very appreciative of the  opportunity to exhibit her art of Mangroves, Leaves, Trees Landscaping:  “ART & ARBOR collection-Go Green”.  Now the debut of the LEAF BAR, designed by her close friend Capt. John Wetzstein.  It is a plein air artist’s easel attaching to a tree or column/social bar for events.  It is NOW PATENTED and planned to be made from recycled plastic trash (Go Green) such as collected from the mangroves of the Keys.  Please take a look at my video on the Art and Arbor Page, click here.

Introduction by Cherryl Ann Cook, the first grandchild of the McDougald family of the Sample-McDougald House Museum Pompano Beach. A  fabulous teacher of literature now retired.

On Top Of The World

Pat Anderson’s “Plein Air Painters of the Pompano Beach Parks” are the luckiest artists in the World. We paint outdoors by the sea at Hillsboro, the strongest Lighthouse beam in the World at Coast Guard Station District #7. Maintained by the Hillsboro Inlet Preservation Society 

This Hillsboro Lighthouse on Hillsboro Beach marks the Inlet entrance to Pompano Beach.  Residents, tourists, cruisers all boaters pass it to the Atlantic Ocean for vacations to the Bahamas, Keys and beyond.  At the bridge is the Hillsboro Inlet Charter Fishing Marina for sport-fishing Dolphin Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Sailfish, Marlin, Wahoo so much more.  Catch ‘em on the world-renown Drift-fishing boats available at the Marina office: Fish City Pride and Helen S.  Artists love to paint these beautiful fish, the yachts, the catch of the day displays.  We set up LEAF BAR easel/tables to the palm trees to plein air the activities. www.LeafBarTable.com  

Friends of Old 7

My painting of the way Flagler’s Oversea RR looked in 1912 is from research and much admiration of Flagler’s successful RR 1912 until destroyed by the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935. It connected Florida through the Keys islands via concrete bridging to Key West. Imagine the thrill of rail travel over the ocean waters. The 400 construction workers lived on Pigeon Key their campsite. Today in Broward County whenever I hear the whistle blow I smile and think of Flagler’s Dream and how we have grown. Port Everglades wider and deeper, added Runway at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport and vast Florida Scenic Highway boasts $81 million Landscaping Project . VIVA Florida!

To know more about my Flagler Iconic art, visit: 

Pigeon Key Foundation & FriendsOfOldSeven.org

The Next 50 Years

Artists have recorded iconic symbols, architecture and events of civilizations without a printed word. Eiffel Tower, Paris.  Statue of Liberty, NY.  Flagler Over-Sea R.R., Florida Keys – iconic.  Paint plein air, what we see while we see it now, tomorrow it may be gone.  LEAF BAR iconic new easel for the next 50 years.

Here comes Brightline to Fort Lauderdale, the Florida East Coast Railway transports cargo at Port Everglades.  More tourists.  More home owners.  Fort Lauderdale is readying with 2000 more downtown residences.  New buildings use up land. Concrete next to concrete.  Let’s make use of the trees’ idle land space to provide more recreational and educational opportunities in our Parks, Schools, Marinas using the LEAF BAR table that wraps to a tree, balcony, column.  Everyone can use a table. www.LeafBartable.com